Project EATS is a living installation transforming vacant lots and rooftops into neighborhood-based food supporting farm stands, pantries, prepared food, art programs, and community programs to catalyze creativity and cultivate greater food sovereignty across New York City. 

The integration of Art and Food increases the use of imagination, creativity, commitment, and determination as tools for reshaping social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions towards an empowered Life. Project Eats: Art that Feeds.

Farm Locations

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Our Team

JaSon Auguste
Farm Manager
Linda Goode Bryant
Founder, President
Shevan Durant
Celia Hurvitt
Senior Community Instructor
Ronnie Jordan
Farm Site Leader
Michelle Mannix
Operations & Growth Strategist
Angel Moreno
Executive Assistant
Sam Payne
Hydroponics Lead

Our Board

Jon Gilman
Board Member
Korbin Heiss
Board Member
Liz Howng
Board Secretary
Nilda Isidro
Board Member
Marc Payot
Board Member
Barry Rosen
Board Member
Harriet Sanford
Board Chair
Andrea Schwan
Board Title
Veronique Tillinghast
Board Title
Sarah Workneh
Board Title
Andrew Warren