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Creating what we need

We're growing food where people need fresh food. We're creating jobs, cultivating skills, spreading knowledge, and building new economies so every neighborhood is a place where health and well-being thrive.

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We do so others can. When you get involved, we can do more.

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We share to increase our impact. Combining resources strengthens our impact, making our work more effective.

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The Project EATS Mission

A fair society, where the resources people need for health and well-being are produced sustainably and shared equitably.

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Established in Brooklyn, NY


Farms in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx


Community Jobs Created


Public School Programs


Connecting to what’s essential within us, our relevance in the world, and each other.



Nourishing and fueling life.



Using what exists to survive and prosper.


Latest From our Blog

Interview with Josie Green. Our Farmstand & Educational Activity Associate.

  What is your favorite thing about urban farming? Being someone who needs to interact with non-human nature every day, I appreciate having a place to see the birds, either as they migrate through, or as they build their nests in the small amount of pseudo-wilderness available to them here. …

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Interview with Sonja Tosteson. Our Education & Training Instructor

What brought you to Project EATS? I have a deep passion for food justice issues. While teaching in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, I researched food distribution and was shocked at the discrepancies in the availability of fresh produce from one neighborhood to the next. The community-based work of …

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