COVID-19 Healthy Food Initiative


How will Project EATS distribute food supplies?

As crops are harvested on the farms, distribution will be phased as follows:

Phase 1 (begins April 27th):

Delivery of PE free fresh produce and dry goods to seniors at Marcus Garvey Apartments and HELP USA’s Women’s Shelter in Brownsville.

Phase 2 (mid-May):

  • Launch free fresh produce and dry goods pick-up for all residents at PE’s Brownsville farm by appointment and continue deliveries to seniors at Marcus Garvey Apartments and HELP USA’s Women’s Shelter and Help New Horizons in Brownsville.
  • Pilot distance arts programming in collaboration with neighbors and artists. 

Phase 3 (mid-June):

Expand distribution to Lower East Side neighborhood residents.

What will the donated funds be used for?

  • Expediting farm capacity, including planting, tending, and infrastructure;
  • Covering fuel and staff costs to collect supplemental donated farm goods;
  • Paying wages to local community members to work on farm and distribute food;
  • Paying artists/purchasing art supplies;
  • Purchasing necessary health & safety supplies for staff & volunteers

What will volunteers do? 

Some volunteers will be working on the farms to keep growing and harvesting on pace. Others will deliver food to our designated partners or work to help distribute food on-site. Others may pick up produce from other farms. If you are interested in volunteering please click here.

How will Project EATS ensure social distancing and health safety?

Volunteers will be scheduled for shifts small enough to ensure safe social distancing. The farm has multiple handwashing stations and will supply gloves. Volunteers will be asked to bring their own face masks. (Masks will be provided if you can’t provide your own.) Food will be handled with contactless deliveries and pick-up. 

When is the farm open?

During COVID-19 restrictions, the farms are not open to visitors. 

I have a farm and I would like to donate food.

Project EATS’ Covid-19 Healthy Food Initiative is grateful for any farm fresh food donations to be shared within our community. We will not be able to meet the needs of everyone, so all donations are much appreciated. If you are unable to deliver your food please contact admin@projecteats.org

I own a restaurant and would like to donate non-food based support.

We will accept clean and unused food packaging, commercial kitchen prep space and clean and unused delivery bags. If you are able to donate, please complete this donation form.  Click here.  (link to donation application)

About Project EATS:

Social inequalities lead to health inequalities and ill-being in our communities. They affect our access to fresh food, life expectancy, physical and mental well-being, quality of education, employment opportunities. income, and share of public resources. They shape our behavior and expectations, and what we perceive and believe is possible for our communities, our society, and us.

To achieve its vision of a fair society, Project EATS is a neighborhood-based project that uses art, urban agriculture, partnerships, and social enterprise to sustainably produce and equitably distribute essential resources within and between our communities; especially those where people live on working class and low-incomes.

To do this, we bring diverse neighbors together to take agency over the use of land in their neighborhood, provide the infrastructures and support for a community to develop their resources into productive spaces. We share knowledge and skills that support the ability of people to turn these relationships and resources into sustainable social enterprises employing community residents and stimulating local economies.

Project EATS is the primary program of Active Citizen Project a New York City-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves all members of the community regardless of age, race, color, creed, religion, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other protected status under applicable laws. 

Where are Project EATS Farms?

Project EATS has 8 farm locations throughout New York City, including;

Brooklyn: Brownsville (Marcus Garvey Apartments) 

Brooklyn:  East New York (Gotham Health)

Manhattan: Randall’s Island (Help Sec)

Manhattan: Randall’s Island (Help Clark Thomas)

Manhattan: Lower East Side (Essex Market Rooftop)

Manhattan: Upper West Side (Frederick Douglass Houses) 

Bronx: Belmont (St. Barnabas Hospital Rooftop)

Queens:  Hollis (Hollis Garden Apartments)

Partners (list in formation):


New York State Health Foundation


Marcus Garvey Apartments


Farm and Food Supplies:

Food Bank NYC