COVID-19 Initiative

COVID-19 Healthy Food Initiative


As many of us mark our first month since COVID-19 changed our lives, it is urgent to recognize that this virus doesn’t affect us all equally. While the toll of the virus is evident on all of our lives, the ongoing economic impact and precarity of many communities is getting overshadowed. And it is likely to only get worse as time goes on. The virus and the economy disproportionally affect marginalized communities of color and will continue to do so well after social distancing regulations have eased. 

Project EATS has been deemed an Essential Service Provider by New York State and will be able to continue to farm at all our production sites. On April 27, 2020, we established our Brownsville farm as a free food pantry, where we provide residents with our own organic fresh produce as well as dry goods, in partnership with Food Bank NYC. We have established our farms in other communities as free food pantries as well. Our goal is not palliative in the short-term—we have our sights set on being consistent, nutritious outposts throughout the duration of this pandemic and economic uncertainty.


The Project EATS’ farm in Brownsville is ramping up for spring. Working with Food Bank NYC and Project EATS’ largest farm on Randall’s Island, we will establish the Brownsville site as a food pantry for dry goods and fresh produce for neighbors who need help. Many families in the community are only eating once a day and have no access to supplemental food on the weekends. 


We know help is needed everywhere right now. We are asking you to help support our work in communities that on a regular day are overlooked in services, food, and adequate resource sharing. Funds will be used to:

  • Expedite farm capacity, including planting, tending, and infrastructure;
  • Cover fuel and staff costs to collect supplemental donated farm goods;
  • Pay wages to local community members to work on farm and distribute food;
  • Purchase necessary health & safety supplies for staff & volunteers


We need people to donate their time by working on the farms and helping with food distribution. If you would like to volunteer, click here.

This is not the moment to turn away from each other. This virus can strike anyone— but in these communities, the threat and the effects will be worse. If you can, please help us in our efforts to support those without safety nets, or the economic or logistical ability to isolate.

Help us feed our neighbors in need!

Project EATS is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and your donation is 100% deductible.