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Brooklyn Museum


200 Eastern Parkway
(corner of Eastern & Washington)
Brooklyn, NY

PE Farmer(s)



Production& Training

Farm Stand

Thursdays, 3:30p-9p, July - November


Summer/Fall 2014

Developed as part of the Brooklyn Museum's Crossing Brooklyn show, running from October 2014 through early January 2015, the Project EATS farm at the Brooklyn Museum has three components around the site. On the lawn at the corner of Washington Avenue and Eastern Parkway, PE built 12 raised beds along the contours of the slope, creating around 2,500 square feet of production bed space. This site also has a 650 square foot greenhouse that will be used to extend the sites productivity into the late fall.

The second component of the site is a set of raised beds on the gravel slope at the bottom of the Museum's south facing wall. This piece adds around 500 square feet of production space to the site's total growing footprint.

The third piece is a bed near the subway entrance in the Museum's front plaza on Eastern Parkway. Planted with beans, this piece is not a production site, but an artistic one that will grow over the manicured lawn neighboring the subway entrance.

PE also runs a farm stand at the Brooklyn Museum on Thursday afternoons and evenings, taking advantage of the museum staying open until 10p. Additionally, the museum hosts a PE People's Power Hub, providing opportunities for community members to generate electricity that will be used at Project EATS farm sites to power lights, tools, greenhouse ventilation, and irrigation systems.