Get Involved Project EATS Amboy Street Farm

Project EATS Amboy Street Farm


210 Amboy St
(Corner of Amboy & Blake)
Brownsville, NY

PE Farmer(s)

Samantha & Maryann


Production & Training

Farm Stand



Spring 2009

In partnership with Help USA's New Horizons facility and Teachers Preparatory Academy, the Amboy Community Farm was Project EATS' first farm, launched in the spring of 2009. The site is used as a production and training site, supplying produce for farm stands throughout the city.

In a collaboration with Brooklyn Woods and The New School, PE built a second beautiful and functional shed for storing tools and market supplies at Amboy, after the first was built at the Frederick Douglass Houses. Additionally, as part of the organization's People's Power Hub project, a social and exercise space is being developed in the Amboy garden to generate electricity that will be used to power farm equipment and offering resources for community residents to get exercise, providing opportunities for them to have more healthy lifestyles.